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June 01, 2006

McBride Biffed It

Last night, Jessica McBride wrote,

Mayor Barrett and Police Chief Hegerty are dispatching the bookmobile to high crime areas to combat the rash of shootings. I am not making this up.

You'd think the bookmobile was being sent as a diversion so potential criminals would read instead of commit crimes. That would be a stupid idea. But that's not the case at all:
The stepped-up police presence would be bolstered by a "mobile community substation" that would be based in the vehicle once known as the Bookmobile. The longtime library on wheels was mothballed by budget cuts this year.

McBride should be happy. The former bookmobile will supporting an increased police presence.

I'm waiting for her clarification.

"More Police for High-Crime Areas Top Anti-Crime Efforts"

[Hat tip to DJ for being skeptical.]

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