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July 10, 2006

Grothman Now Undecided; Wait for the Signatures

State Senator Glenn Grothman is not looking like the most decisive person in Wisconsin. This weekend running against Sen. Herb Kohl was a "go." Now, he's not so sure. I'm going with Owen Robinson's theory about needing enough signatures. He writes,

After all, it would be pretty humiliating to announce a run for Senate on Saturday just to have to drop out on Tuesday for lack of nomination signatures.

If that's the case then Grothman's campaign manager shouldn't have blabbed about him running. Word should be spread when one's ducks are in order. with a tight deadline its better to make sure you have enough signatures to get on the ballot then get the media buzz going. Right now, Grothman is looking a little foolish. It's not a strong way to start a campaign.

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