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July 11, 2006

Google to Build Michigan Office

Google announced they will open an office in Ann Arbor, Michigan that will create 1000 jobs within five years. The internet giant is already looking to fill positions.

In its search for a headquarters for his revenue-producing AdWords service Google the company looked at university cities like Boston, Boulder CO, Phoenix, and the winner Ann Arbor. Missing from that list was a Wisconsin city, specifically Madison. That's a city with a reputable university and a highly-educated workforce. AdWords manager David Fischer told the Detroit Free Press, "We see Michigan as an ideal location to recruit the best and brightest workers." Could it be Wisconsin isn't an "ideal location" like Michigan? And could it be one of the reasons it would be difficult for a company to "recruit the best and brightest workers" is the Badger State's tax and business climate? RedPrairie CEO John Jazwiec is considering moving his software company out of Wisconsin because it has trouble recruiting talent. Wisconsin's economic environment might have kept her out of Google's sights which would mean another opportunity lost.

"Google coming to Ann Arbor" [via digg]

UPDATE: Peter Cohan at Blogging Stocks sees this project as another example of "Google's underlying cheapness gene."

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