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July 12, 2006

Democratic Ad Uses Dead Soldier Images

There's steam rising from the right blogosphere over a new Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee fundraising ad.

Patrick Hynes calls it "the most appalling wed video since MoveOn.org’s “Bush is Hitler” ads." RedState commenters are furious as are some veterans.

It's a dismal ad. The first half of depressing images of the real world didn't make up for the idyllic, hopeful images in the second half. When I see Rep. Nancy Pelosi I don't get a warm feeling in my heart.

As for the picture of flag-draped caskets that's reality. People are dying, and Democratic supporters want it to stop even if it means abandoning Iraq. The picture doesn't show anything graphic. I don't see that picture anymore exploitative than Republicans using pictures from the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on Sep. 11, 2001.

What's interesting is the Tom Delay "mug shot." That's fake since this is the actual picture:

Tom Delay mug shot

At the bottom of the fake mug shot there's a prisoner number: "91108GOP." I'd like to know the "clever" story behind choosing that.

Allahpundit won't "throw stones when it comes to using images of fallen soldiers to make a political point." Still, he doesn't like either party using the images of soldiers in coffins:

But I wouldn’t support Republicans putting it in a campaign ad, for the same reason I think it’s cheap and crass of the DCCC to have added coffins to the mix here. I think it boils down to good ol’ fashioned suspicion of politicians: the priority for most of them is getting (re-)elected and I don’t want anyone’s remains being exploited for that sort of personal profit.

The ad is not great since it's devoid of any ideas, but I wouldn't give myself a heart attack over it.

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