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July 20, 2006

Minutemen Financial Questions

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps has given members little in funds to support border monitoring operations and given reporters little information about its finances. A few minutemen aren't too pleased:

A growing number of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps leaders and volunteers are questioning the whereabouts of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of dollars in donations collected in the past 15 months, challenging the organization's leadership over financial accountability.
Many of the group's most active members say they have no idea how much money has been collected as part of its effort to stop illegal entry -- primarily along the U.S.-Mexico border, what it has been spent on or why it has been funneled through a Virginia-based charity headed by conservative Alan Keyes.
Several of the group's top lieutenants have either quit or are threatening to do so, saying requests to Minuteman President Chris Simcox for a financial accounting have been ignored.
Other Minuteman members said money promised for food, fuel, radios, computers, tents, night-vision scopes, binoculars, porta-potties and other necessary equipment and supplies never reached volunteers who have manned observation posts to spot and report illegal border crossers.

I suppose questioning what the minutemen do with their donations means I'm a traitor to the nation and love illegal immigrants. Too bad since I've always thought they were kooky, vigilante types anyway.

"Minutemen Not Watching over Funds"

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