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July 22, 2006

With Time Trial, Landis Claims Yellow Jersey


No one has asked Floyd Landis what beer he drinks. Someone should because we all want to know his secret from collapsing at one stage of the Tour de France only to destroy his competition the next day. And Landis being the presumptive Tour winner could have a fat endorsement check coming his way.

It would have been a shame for Landis to have had his now legendary stage 17 comeback wasted had he not won the Tour. Instead of becoming merely a bit of cycling trivia Landis' performance amounts to one of the most amazing moments in American sports history. That's regardless of the lack of public attention now that Lance Armstrong is racing no longer.

With Landis' upcoming victory--the final stage into Paris is ceremonial--he can go into hip replacement surgery with a huge grin knowing he answered Daniel Coyle's question, "Is is possible for someone with a ruined hip to win the Tour de France?"

"Landis Claims Yellow Jersey, all but Assuring Tour Victory"

"C'est Impossible?"

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