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July 27, 2006

Conservative Weblogger Discloses a Little Late

Patrick Hynes of Ankle Biting Pundits when he isn't posting is a political consultant. One of his clients is Sen. John McCain, and he's been Hynes' client for a few months. All this time Hynes didn't tell his weblog readers who was paying him. Jim Geraghty exposed him, and got Hynes to come clean.

Hynes made a mistake in not being as open about his political consulting dealings. His blogospheric reputation took a big hit, especially after remembering how he bashed Markos Moulitsas for being paid to plug Howard Dean, M.D. on his weblog. His consulting career may be in good shape, but he'll need to put in some effort to fix his blogosphere standing.

"Straight Talk, Unmarked Bills"

"McCain Hires Hymes of Anke-Biting Pundits, but Disclosure is Delayed" [via OTB]

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