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August 19, 2006

Bucher-Van Hollen Tension Boils Over

There's a reason they invented e-mail. So participants in this conversation won't cringe when they re-read this conversation on a public weblog.

It seems the Bucher-Van Hollen aggitation is spreading from the two candidates. We've got spouses involved, supporters involved, even spouses of supporters (who are supporters themselves) involved.

Hey all, chill out--literally! It's the middle of August, and it's too warm. Everyone should grab a cold beer and relax.

As to the Bucher ad, John “Jay” Balchunas’ name is all over the newspapers. Him being murdered is a documented fact. Bucher mentioning it wasn't exploitation unless you call regurgitating the news "exploitation." Those who were griping need two beers to relax.

"Bucher Pulls Murdered Agent's Name from Ad"

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