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August 29, 2006

Charlie's Show Prep #162

  • Former State Department official Richard Armitage admits to being Robert Novak's source that Valerie Plame was a CIA officer. Can we please leave Scooter Libby alone and shut down Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation?

  • The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel editorial board is tired of Andrés Manuel López Obrador's egotistical temper tantrum.

  • Some of Air America's highest ratings this spring were in Madison. But that only means about 13,000 people are listening.

  • Some Wisconsin farmers are experimenting by growing cigarette tobacco. Ironic since Jim Doyle as Attorney General who helped suck billions from the industry.

  • The "evil" Wal-Mart wants to push 100 million florescent light bulbs onto the American public. This will really mess with the heads of anti-Wal-Mart Lefties. [via digg]

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