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September 03, 2006

Embryos Killed in Possible Stem Cell Breakthrough

Recent news that scientists found a way to get stem cells from human embryos without killing them isn't quite so true:

Dr. Lanza noted in his article that the cell removed in this test, known as preimplantation genetic diagnosis, or P.G.D., could be used, after growing and dividing, both for testing and, with his new technique, to derive human embryonic stem cells. Since the original embryo would be unharmed, a principal objection to the research would be removed, he said.

Dr. Lanzaís article in Nature made clear that he had not saved the embryos in his own experiments, in which he used as many as eight cells from each of some 16 donated embryos. Had he taken only a single cell from each, many more embryos would have been needed. The press release issued by Nature, however, incorrectly implied that he had removed just a single cell.

Wesley J. Smith writes that the NY Times has been dishonest about ACT research:
It is, in fact, not known whether one cell taken from an 8-10 cell embryo could be used to derive an ES cell line. Other researchers have already tried to do it with two cells and failed, for example. At most, it would be accurate to state that scientists "hope" it could be done or "theorize" it could be done. To say assertively that "other researchers could use this technique" is bad science, and to let that assertion hang in the air as if it is a given, was negligent journalism.

*SIGH* More human deaths in the name of scientific progress. I pray we have the wisdom to find a way to reap tremendous medical advances while not making a deal with the devil. A way will be found if merely for the interests of scientists who want to feed off the federal government's tit.

"Clarification Issued on Stem Cell Work"

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