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September 19, 2006

Saddam's Lawyer Caught Snoozing

Saddam's lawyer is either enjoying the Baghdad nightlife too much, or he doens't give a damn about his client:

THE chief judge in Saddam Hussein's genocide trial castigated a defence lawyer for falling asleep during the proceedings, as a witness was recounting a gas attack.

Banging his hammer, an angry Abdullah al-Amiri brusquely interrupted an ethnic Kurd recounting a gas attack in his village in northern Iraq in 1988 to berate one of the lawyers for Saddam and his six other co-accused.

"It appears you're falling asleep," the judge said.

"Who me? No, no. I'm just tired like everyone else here. I wasn't asleep. I was listening on behalf of my client," said lawyer Badea Arif, appearing somewhat embarrassed.

I almost feel sorry for Saddam, but then I remember the thousands he had killed. That sympathy quickly evaporates.

"Judge Castigates Sleeping Saddam Lawyer"

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