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September 21, 2006

More on Doyle's Rigging of the State Elections Board

There has been plenty of electrons spilled on the news that a Gov. Jim Doyle lawyer conspired with members of the State Elections Board to stick it to Rep. Mark Green. Patrick at Badger Blogger has an extensive round-up. So check him out for breadth. I'll highlight some thoughts I found interesting:

  • Campaign finance uber-scholar and former FEC member Bradley Smith calls Michael Maistelman's actions "as unethical behavior as I have seen from a lawyer appearing before an administrative agency, or members of the agency itself."

  • Jeff Wagner writes, "The attorney for the State Elections Board suggests that this contact was legal. Maybe, maybe not. The point though is that these e-mails provide pretty clear evidence that the process was fixed from the beginning. This wasn't a private citizen lobbying the Elections Board. It was the attorney for the patron of several appointees telling them how to vote."

  • Rick Esenberg writes, "Of course, apart from the legality, this looks awful. Here's Maistelman carefully circumventing the open meetings laws and telling these intrepid seekers of truth what the "powers that be" had deemed acceptable. Here he is again telling them that they can tie Green up in the courts and make him look bad."

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