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October 02, 2006

Hastert Now Key to Congressional Election

Jib offers some good reasons why the Mark Foley scandal could seriously hurt Republicans in November. Much will depend on how much Speaker Hastert knew about Foley's disgusting communications with House pages. Drudge reports the Washington Times will call for his resignation. I think this was the breaking point for Tony Blankley and company. What we know is Hastert knew about odd e-mails. There's no evidence yet that he knew about the sexually explicit instant messages. With government spending rising faster than if Democrats were running the Congress along with the horrible prescription drug entitlement getting through the House the Times editorialists think enough is enough. Conservative values and ideas aren't advancing along with "inept performance", thus it's time for a leadership change.

If we learn Hastert knew more than he's let on and failed to protect pages the Times won't be the only ones calling for his head. That distain could translate into disgust among the GOP base who will prefer staying at home than dirtying themselves by voting for them. In the next few days Speaker Dennis Hastert has the hopes of a GOP House of Representatives in his hands. Foley claiming responsibility and running off to alcohol rehab won't help his party.

"Why Foley Could Be a Problem on November 7th"

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