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October 04, 2006

And the Answer Is...

Craig and Fraley hit it on the head. Little old me is 32. I don't feel bad about it since I've considered myself over-the-hill since 25. Only now I'm starting to get lingering aches and pains. Ugh! Let it be known I still get carded--and I don't mean at Pick 'n Save that cards everyone including my grandmother.

I had a quiet birthday. I avoided politics and weblogging. I hoped to watch a little baseball while enjoying some of New Glarus Brewing's finest. Because of rain in New York I watched The Nine. I'll need to watch another episode to determine if I care about these people.

If history repeats itself my family and I will probably do the dinner thing this weekend when we're not busy doing the work thing.

Thanks to all for their well wishes.

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